The Best Weight Lifting Methods For Building Muscle & Strength

In order to achieve outstanding muscle and strength gains, it’s important to select the right weight lifting method, not only at the beginning of your weight lifting routine, but also as your program progresses.

Selecting the right weight lifting method will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Experience level
  • Conditioning level
  • Specific goals
  • Time constraints
  • Motivation levels

It’s usually best to begin with a relatively simple weight lifting method like the simple set system.

This system is easy to track and implement, and is the methods of choice for most beginners.

As you make progress, you may want to modify your program by implementing more advanced weight lifting methods.

Some of the best advanced weight lifting methods for muscle and strength gains include the pyramid system, the superset system, and the tri-set system.

Now let’s take a look at the different weight lifting methods, and each of their advantages.

Simple Set System

The simple set system is the weight lifting method that the vast majority of beginner prefer to use when starting a weight lifting program, and I highly recommend that you start with this method if you have never lifted weights before.

The simple set system consists of one or more sets of 6-12 repetitions, with a weight that is heavy enough to elicit a point of momentary failure on the final repetition.

It isn’t always necessary to reach failure at the end of every set when using the simple set system, however, you should always be very close.

Advantages of the simple set system:

  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to track progress
  • Low risk of over-training

Pyramid System

The pyramid system is a more advanced method of weight lifting, and is a favorite of athletes and bodybuilders that are training for strength and hypertrophy gains.

Although it can be performed using any weight or number of repetitions, it usually begins by performing 10-12 repetitions of a specific exercise using a relatively light weight.

After each set is performed, the weight is increased, forcing the number of repetitions to be decrease.

By the final set, only 1-2 repetitions can be performed.

Although the pyramid system is traditionally performed in a “light-to-heavy” fashion in terms of the amount of weight being used, it can also be performed in a “heavy-to-light” fashion.

This is know as a the reverse pyramid system, and is the exact opposite of the traditional pyramid system.

Advantages of the pyramid system:

  • Highly intense
  • Targets strength, muscular hypertrophy and muscular endurance

Superset System

The superset system is a highly intense and advanced weight lifting method, that maximizes time efficiency.

This system uses multiple sets of two different exercises performed one after another, with little or no rest in between.

The two exercises performed during each set are of the same body part, but opposing muscle groups.

Here is an example of traditional muscle combinations used in a superset routine:

  • Chest press / wide grip row
  • Leg extension / leg curl
  • Biceps curl / triceps extension

Once the two exercises have been completed, allow 1 – 2 minutes of rest, and then complete the remaining set combinations.

As with most weight lifting methods, stick with 8-10 repetitions If the primary goal is to build muscle.

Advantages of the system:

  • Extremely time efficient
  • Highly intense
  • Cardiovascular benefits

Tri-Set System

The tri-set system uses a group of three exercises for the same body part, performed one after another, with little or no rest in between.

Normally three sets of each exercise are performed.

Tri-sets can be used to work the same muscle group from different angles, to work the same muscle group from the same angle, or to train three different muscle groups.

If building muscle is the goal, stick to the latter of the three options.

Here are an example exercise combinations that can be used with a tri-set system that targets muscle gains:

  • Arms & Shoulders: Biceps curls / triceps extensions / lateral raise
  • Legs: Quadriceps extensions / hamstring curls / heel raises
  • Mid-section: Chest press / machine row / abdominal crunches

Tri-sets can be very taxing, so be sure to allow enough rest time in between sets to allow your energy systems to replenish and to catch your breath!

Advantages of the tri-set system:

  • Time efficient
  • Highly intense
  • Cardiovascular benefits


The weight lifting methods described in this articles are just a handful of many methods that can be used to build mass and help break through plateaus.

I always recommend keeping things as simple as possible at the beginning of your program, and implementing more advanced training techniques as you build strength and bodybuilding knowledge.

Regardless of the weight lifting method you choose, be sure to meticulously track the results of your training routine to make sure you are constantly improving.

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