Should You Weight Train At Home Or At A Gym?

A successful body building program requires a well planned weight training routine.

Before you begin designing your routine, you have to decide where you are going to weight train.

This is an important decision to make, since you are will be spending a fair amount of time training.

You have the option of either training at a commercial fitness facility (health club, gym, or fitness center), building a home gym and training at home, or using a combination of both a commercial facility and a home gym.

For those of you fortunate enough to have the choice of working out at a commercial health facility or a home gym, you must first consider the advantages and disadvantages of each, listed below.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Training at a Gym


Low start up costs. – Most clubs charge a small initiation fee, and the first and last months membership fee upon start up.

Large variety of equipment – Most clubs will offer much Commercial Gymmore equipment than most home gyms. Many of the newer clubs also have brand new state or the are cardiovascular and weight machine that cost thousands of dollars.

Access to amenities – Most clubs offer a sauna, hot tub, steam room etc. Some health clubs or gym’s offer pools, squash courts, baby sitting and more.

Access to professionals – Now days, almost all health club’s and gym’s have Personal trainers, fitness consultants, nutritionists, and massage therapists on staff.

Access To Group Exercise Classes – Some people find group exercise classes motivating and a good way to add variety to a program.


Travel time – In some rural locations, finding a fitness facility near your home or work may be difficult.

Even if you do find a club within fifteen minutes from your home or work place, driving to the club and back may eat in to too much of your time.

Ongoing monthly expenses – Once you sign up for a club, you will have to pay monthly until you cancel your membership.

If you get sick, or decide to quit your program, you may have difficulty getting out of your contract

Difficulty using machines during prime time – Many facilities become very busy during “prime time” (normally between 5 – 7pm). The machines that you require may be popular, and access to them may be limited.

Limited hours – Although some health club’s and gym’s are now open twenty four hours a day, many will have hours that may not work with your schedule.

Lack of motivation – Some find it difficult to get motivated at commercial clubs. The décor, type of equipment, or even the music may not appeal to you making your workout suffer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Training in a Home Gym


Customize your equipment. You choose the equipment that suits your unique goals.

Full access to workout 24/7.  You will have access to workout regardless of transportation problems, weather issues, etc.

Create your own environment. You can create the atmosphere that works best for you (music, colors, etc.).

Fewer reasons to skip workouts. You will not find as many reasons to skip workouts, since all you will have to do is walk downstairs!

Convenience. If you are very busy, you may not have time to drive to a commercial health club.

No residual costs. Unlike a monthly gym membership, you will not have any monthly payments to make after you initial equipment purchases.


Limited space – Unless you are one of the lucky few that can devote an entire basement or other room in your home to train in, space always seems to be an issue.

Although only 150 – 300 square feet will do, some find it difficult to train in a small space.

Limited variety of equipment – The amount of space, and cost of equipment is usually a consideration when building a home gym.

For this reason, you will normally not have close to as much equipment to use compared to a commercial facility.

Lack of motivation – Some find that working out at home can be less motivating that at a commercial health club or gym.

Initial start up costs – The cost of starting a home gym can range anywhere between about five hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Expect to pay at least $500 to $1000 so start. Used equipment is a great choice if cost is an issue.

Is a Commercial or Home Gym Right For Me?

Deciding where to weight train should be based on your personal lifestyle, budget, and specific fitness goals.

Before signing the contract at a health club or buying the first piece of equipment for your home gym make sure you take all of the factors outlined in this article in to consideration.

And remember; Deciding where to weight train may ultimately determine whether you succeed, or fail to reach your fitness goals.

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