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The Best Weight Lifting Methods For Building Muscle & Strength

In order to achieve outstanding muscle and strength gains, it's important to select the right weight lifting method, not only at the beginning of your weight lifting routine, but also as your program progresses. Selecting the right weight lifting method will depend on a number of factors, including: Experience level Conditioning level Specific goals Time [...]

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Should You Weight Train At Home Or At A Gym?

A successful body building program requires a well planned weight training routine. Before you begin designing your routine, you have to decide where you are going to weight train. This is an important decision to make, since you are will be spending a fair amount of time training. You have the option of either training [...]

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Split Routine Weight Training Programs

Split weight training routines offer a number of advantages over traditional full body routines where you would work every muscle group during each weight training workout. What is a split training routine? A split routine basically breaks up workout so that each day you are training a different group of muscles. For example, instead of [...]

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