Where to Get Affordable Books

Where to Buy Books

I’m married to a librarian (a Library Director, to be exact!), and until this year we owned just one bookshelf. We’ve always been short on space, and often shorter on money, so we’ve been very selective with our book purchases. Now that we have two homeschoolers (and two more that will follow shortly), we are […]

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Finding the Time to Read – It’s Possible!

Make Time to Read

“I wish I had time for that!” We’ve all thought or said it about one thing or another. I hope that you, like me, have also come to the adult realization of the fact that we have time for whatever we make time for. Now, I’m not judging. This would be a very short (and […]

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Why You Should Take Time to Read

Why You Should Read

I’ve always read a lot. In Elementary School I would fantasize about how my first job would be at a book store (specifically, “Al’s Old Books,” because it was near my house) or the library. I was so disappointed to learn that getting a job wasn’t quite as simple as walking up to someone and […]

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Birth Story: Arthur Ransom Barr

latent labor

“For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a Ransom for all people.” 1 Timothy 2:5-6 Pregnancy this time, with my fourth little one, was physically easier in many ways – thanks to a longer space in between children and a wonderful herbal […]

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Reading this in your email? Unsubscribe?

Rather than surprise you all with changes that leave you deleting my posts as they come through your email, I thought I’d give you a little head’s up. My next post will be a birth story. I’m not sure what regular posts will look like after that, but now that baby #4 is here, I […]

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My Favorite Ways to Pass the Long Days of Pregnancy


I know, we are all probably busy enough that pregnancy flies by in a way. But every time I’ve been expecting I’ve found myself wanting to commemorate each day in honor of baby as best I can. I’m never really *not* thinking about my little one, even as I rush around wiping other bottoms, making […]

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Pregnant! And Where I’ve Been (Obviously Not Blogging!)


This has been my longest blogging break in over 7 years! Writing has become such a big part of me that it was initially very difficult to scale back. Over time, though, it has felt right. Now also feels like a good time to break the silence and keep everyone up to date. So, this […]

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