Sinister Secrets on an Alaskan Cruise Line, Kayaking Adventures, and Romance: Stranded by Dani Pettrey


Ugh! This book! Dani Pettrey has done it again, she’s preyed on my Alaskan obsession… and my book obsession… and made me lose almost an entire night’s sleep. ;) This is one of those series that has it all – adventure, great character development, continuity between books without too much repetition, characters you love (and […]

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MTHFR Gene, Lip Ties, Sugar Bug Veins, Mongolian Spots, Cradle Cap, and more. My Brain is Officially Blown.


If there’s anything true about health and wellness, it’s that we always have more to learn! Learning can be overwhelming, but I feel very privileged to live in an age with so much information at my disposal. It’s one of the reasons I so enjoy hosting Wellness Wednesday alongside my friends Elsie and Lea. Each […]

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Lilla Rose Hairstyle Ideas Roundup – Long Hair Edition

Roundup of Long Hairstyles Using Lilla Rose Hair Jewelry - With Video!

I have LOVED having long hair in this season of my life! In fact, this is the longest I’ve ever let it grow, and I really do think that my¬†healthy hair has Lilla Rose to thank! I’ve been an Independent Consultant for 2 years now and I can hardly remember what I did before Lilla […]

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Get up to $150 of Lilla Rose Hair Jewelry FREE! Plus Discounts and More Prizes!


April marks my 2 year anniversary of being a consultant with Lilla Rose! And it’s SPRING! Two very happy happenings! :) Selling Lilla Rose hair jewelry has not only been a great way to supplement my income as a “work at home mom,” it’s been just plain FUN to get to know so many great […]

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Wellness Wednesday Features & Link Up for 3/26/2014

Lots of great articles linked up this month per usual! I enjoy highlighting a few of my favorites the last week of each month, but you can find all of them by browsing through my Wellness Wednesday link-up posts! :) March Favorites: Sitting is the New Smoking at DC Health Bites ~ I have been […]

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Is Being a WAHM a Compromise You Should Avoid?

Is WAHM a healthy compromise?

I didn’t consider myself a “Work at Home Mom” (WAHM) really until last year when I began taking my writing more seriously. But when I look back now I can see that I have been a WAHM from day one! I’m not talking about “Motherhood” as a job in itself. It certainly is a full-time […]

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What We Buy at Costco (Natural & Organic)


For a long time now, Costco has been our primary grocery store. It took us a long time to fork over the money for a membership, but finally decided to give it a go when we heard that Costco sells lots of natural and organic items. It also helps that Costco policy is so accommodating […]

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