High Protein, No Powder

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I love the blog Don’t Waste the Crumbs. It’s always full of great recipes and well-researched articles. So when Tiffany put the word out that she was writing an e-book I knew I’d want to read it. The subject, protein drinks and snacks that don’t use processed ingredients, is right up our alley, so I offered to review it here on the blog.

To be honest, though, I’ve over-committed myself lately. I’ve obligated myself to too many internet/writing endeavors for my limited free time. So as this agreed upon date has approached, I’ve been fretting. It’s just one of many things I don’t really have time to see through.

BUT… I was thinking yesterday about how it would be nice to have a break from our usual breakfast rotation of eggs, yogurt, or oatmeal that would still give me the energy I need to keep up with my daily responsibilities.

You know… like a protein shake… :)

High Protein, No Powder:  Protein Bars and Smoothies Made with Real FoodSo last night I decided to go through the e-book after all to maybe find something for breakfast and have a good reason to help her promote her book launch on Facebook at least.

I had a second-wave of misgivings when I remembered that:

One, our pantry is a little low right now as I wait for our latest Azure Standard order to come in. And

Two, my Vitamix blender is in a box because I’m trying to sell it. I love it, but I bought the 2-speed to save money and now realize that it’s awesome enough to spend the extra on the fancier model. And we ditched our cheaper upright blender and our food processor when we bought the Vitamix.

Doubting that I could use it after all with just an immersion blender, I reluctantly opened the book.

First, I should have known that I’d be drawn in and not be able to sleep until I read the whole thing.

The ebook is 150 pages, and a BIG chunk of it is about the science behind avoiding conventional protein supplements and the best methods for getting the texture/flavor/consistency you want. I especially appreciated how she went through each of the main ingredients and shared her tips for purchasing them cheaply and making the best use of them.

And second, I was thrilled to see that there aren’t too many uncommon ingredients that I don’t have on hand. Chia seeds might be new to some of you, but we love making pudding with chia seeds, milk, and cocoa powder, so we have lots. Otherwise I was able to gather just about everything I needed for protein drinks/smoothies from my refrigerator and freezer!

I didn’t even try to decide on a recipe to try before bed last night. I just pulled the ebook out again this morning and successfully made two different flavors of smoothies with my eyes half open. :)


They were a hit! And while I think I would have liked a bit less texture in mine (the immersion blender didn’t do a great job with the chia seeds), the flavor was delicious. The kids loved their “PB & J” version. (We are a mason jar and stainless steel straw family – this photo makes me feel so frugal granola! haha!)

I’m completely inspired and can’t wait until my almonds and dates arrive so I can make some protein bars for the family. Hubby is going to love me!

Visit Don’t Waste the Crumbs now to learn more about High Protein, No Powder. You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase add-ons like printables and a subscription to even MORE new recipes! I can’t wait to stock my pantry and make even more yumminess from this book!!

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  1. I think that protein is something that I don’t think too much about and probably should. but in smoothie form it is something that should be easy and tasty. Thanks! I’m looking forward to connecting with you some more this month when the Biannual Blogathon Bash rolls around. :)

  2. You’re so sweet Anjanette! Thank you for your incredibly kind words and for sharing my book with your audience. Two smoothies with half open eyes is quite a feat, lol! The PB&J flavor is one of my kids favorites too, and your hubs is going to lavish you with brownie points. ;)

    Thanks again Anjanette – I hope you have a great week! Blessings to you! ~Tiffany

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