My Top 3 Favorite Christian Fiction Series


And now for Part 2! :) While trying to choose my favorite Christian fiction books for my Top 3 post earlier this week, I realized that a whole lotta the books I like are a part of a series. I decided that I was going to have to write a separate post for Fiction Series’ if I ever wanted to choose just three. It feels like cheating since it’s really quite a lot of books to recommend, but there’s something thrilling about finishing a book and knowing you get to spend more time with the characters in the next. It keeps me reading faster and with more enthusiasm, I think.

Here, in no order, are my top 3 favorite Christian fiction series – and it was STILL difficult to narrow it down, so I threw in a couple of bonus series at the end. :)

lewis_space1. Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis

This trilogy had my head in the clouds… er… outer space… for weeks! It begins with Out of the Silent Planet, and continues with Perelandra and That Hideous Strength. There are lots of allegorical elements, but it’s not so obvious as to be obnoxious. The main character’s name is Ransom, for instance, and I loved that so much I named my son after him. :)

This is sci-fi that anyone can enjoy. Lewis, as usual, paints vividly the worlds he has created, and it’s a pleasure just for the delicious writing. However, each book will also leave you with plenty of interesting questions to digest and make you want to read it over again right away. If you’ve ever wondered how God might reveal Himself to intelligent life forms on other planets, read these books! Perelandra is especially beautiful, so don’t stop with book one!

C1Ovoa8tfZS._SL250_2. Alaskan Courage Series by Dani Pettrey

This series is just plain fun. I read each book (almost) as they came out, and reviewed 3 of the 5 books here on my blog. Set in Alaska (obviously), this series is full of adventure, suspense, and romance. The main characters are a sibling group and each book develops a particular sibling and shares their particular struggles with faith and life in general. That character development occurs against the backdrop of the family’s outdoor excursion and search & rescue businesses in Southeast Alaska.

Of the five books – Submerged, Shattered, Stranded, Silenced, and Sabotaged – I think I liked Stranded the best. It’s set on board a cruise ship with all kinds of nefarious things going on that keep you guessing till the end. Sabotaged was super fun too – check it out if you love sled dogs and the Iditarod! :)

song-of-albion3. The Song of Albion Trilogy by Stephen Lawhead

Back to fantasy, we go! I don’t think I realized how much I adored fantasy until I read this series in college. Stephen Lawhead (who has become one of my very favorite authors), takes us to the Celtic “Otherworld” in this series and, much like Lewis, has us consider how another culture would receive and understand our Creator.

Full of warriors in battle, prophecy, and a beautifully descriptive narrative, I can still remember scenes that made my heart beat faster or my throat clench even now a decade later. Lawhead, who writes great historical fiction and general fiction as well, doesn’t do simple, so I’ve heard some complaints about this series being too dense or long-winded. I just seriously think every single page is worth reading. I almost can’t tell you how much I loved it. Warning: the last two books are fairly violent/bloody.


$_1The “Sword of Lyric” series by Sharon Hinck begins with The Restorer, which is FREE right now in anticipation of the release of book four!! I’m excited! It’s another fantasy series, but super fun that the heroine is a grown adult with children – makes it relateable!

cast-of-stonesThe first book of the “The Staff and the Sword” series by Patrick CarrA Cast of Stones – is also FREE right now for Kindle! This series came highly recommended and really grew on me as it progressed. I’m looking forward to the new series this author is working on as I think his writing is getting better and better with each book!

C1yEbRu59rS._AA160_You can snag the first of this series, First Dawn, for FREE on Amazon, too! Your lucky day! The “Freedoms Path” series by Judith Miller was fascinating and heart-wrenching. It’s centered around a family of African Americans who travel to Kansas from the South in 1877 to try and make a new life for themselves as settlers in an area promised to be favorable and safe for Blacks. They not only have to overcome the harsh realities of life as settlers, but deception and hostility as well.


Summer Book ClubJoin our book Club! Anne at Authentic Simplicity has organized a great six week series of posts all about books that some of us blogging friends have been working through! We’ll also be sharing our thoughts over at the Christian Homemaking Community group on Facebook!

I’d also love for you to join me on Goodreads to compare book lists!

Lots more to come with more “Top 3″ book posts for several categories each week! In the meantime, read my previous posts in the series, and check out the posts everyone has written this week (click through to read more if seeing this in email)! :)

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